About service

Corpus of Ukrainian Encyclopedias: Bibliographic Index is an online reference informational service about encyclopedic works (encyclopedias, encyclopedic dictionaries, and encyclopedic reference books) published in Ukraine or by Ukrainers worldwide. Created 2017 by NASU Institute of Encyclopedic Research.

Service's goal is to collect and systematization the basic supporting information on encyclopedias, encyclopedic dictionaries and reference books, as well as to help users find and identify an encyclopedic work (for readers, researchers or founders of encyclopedias).

This Index is a catalog of encyclopedic works compiled by professionals (research teams, competent editors) or amateurs.

Service's mission is to contribute to the science advancement in Ukraine, to provide encyclopedic knowledge, and to increase the role of encyclopedias in the information space of Ukraine.


Structured according to the types of encyclopedias: general encyclopedias, regional encyclopedias, subject-specific encyclopedias and encyclopedias of persons.

The basic supporting information on works is the following metadata: full title, compiler(s) / autor(s) / editor(s), etc., place and year of publication.

Bibliographic information about encyclopaedias is shown in tables with the ability to search or sort information for each field.

For encyclopedists

This index is updated according to release of new works. So, to cover all encyclopedic publications, we invite authors or users to inform us about new published recently encyclopedias, encyclopedic dictionaries or encyclopedic reference books (contacts).